The Thermodynamic Software Family at GTT-Technologies

"Use our softwares to analyse a wide variety of technical problems - in metallurgy, materials processing, materials design or materials informatics. Save hundreds of hours of analysis compared to other approaches. Use the gained understanding to improve your product and your productivity!"

At GTT-Technologies we are constantly engaged in the development of our software packages and the corresponding data for serving the thermochemical needs of industry and academia. This section provides background information on our software family.

The software ranges from the fully integrated thermodynamic databank system for interactive use to the programmers library for thermochemical applications. Therefore, we cover the whole range of thermodynamic modelling software to fit the needs of a materials scientist as well as those of a process engineer. The following list provides brief descriptions of all software products:

  • FactSage
    FactSage is the workhorse of our software family since it is one of the most powerful and versatile Integrated Thermodynamic Database System (ITDS) in the world. The thermodynamic databases integrated in FactSage are based on CalPhaD (Calculation of Phase Diagrams) assessments and span the entire chemical space from oxides to metallic alloys or aqueous solutions. CalPhaD modelling is today a mature methodology and by using FactSage you can take advantage of one of the largest CalPhaD software packages in the world. If you want a user-friendly graphical interface allowing complex thermodynamic calculations, FactSage is the ideal product for you!
  • ChemApp
    ChemApp provides the powerful thermodynamic calculation capabilities contained in FactSage in the form of a programmer's library. It consists of a rich set of subroutines which provides all the necessary tools for the calculation of complex multicomponent, multiphase chemical equilibria and the determination of the associated energy balances. When the equilibrium calculation has been performed the user can access the values of a multitude of variables such as total pressure and volume, temperature, phase amounts, phase internal concentrations of phase or system components, chemical potentials of system components or activities of species, heat capacity, enthalpy, entropy or Gibbs energy of the system or a particular phase. This makes ChemApp the perfect tool to integrate thermodynamic modelling into a larger materials or process model.
    ChemApp light is the free version of ChemApp, giving you almost the same functionality as the regular version of ChemApp. ChemApp light is available for download for a number of platforms, and comes with complete online documentation, dozens of code examples in both FORTRAN and C, and support via e-mail.
  • ChemSheet
    ChemSheet combines the flexibility and practicality of spreadsheet applications with the rigorous, multi-phase thermodynamic calculations of ChemApp. Each application is defined as an independent worksheet in an Excel® spreadsheet, in which the entire simulation can be done.
    Based on ChemApp light there is also a ChemSheet light version which is available for downloading and testing.
  • SimuSage
    SimuSage is a tool for users who want to built process models according to the flowsheeting concept. It provides the capabilities of ChemApp in a set of graphical components which are integrated in the Delpi programming environment. For processes of moderate complexity a complete program can be generated simply by drag-and-drop of the graphical icons of the appropriate unit operations. For models of higher complexity it is possible to make additional use of the powerful capabilities of Delphi. We also offer to customize a SimuSage model for your application, no matter whether it is a steel converter or a coal power plant. This model will allow you to simulate on a thermodynamic basis how changing the input or process conditions changes the products or heat output - all without the need to do the thermodynamic calculations or the programming yourself!
  • KilnSimu
    KilnSimu is such a process model that is so successful that we offer it as a standalone product for rotary drum furnaces. Among others, pigment and cement manufacturing industries are using rotary drums for thermal treatments of various materials. In KilnSimu, reaction kinetics, heat transfer and multi-component thermodynamics are simultaneously modelled to describe all relevant processes in counter-current rotary drums with rather complex chemistries. As a consequence of the chosen method, a maximum amount of both chemical and thermal information can be received from the system to optimize the output while minimizing the environmental impact.