FactSage 7.2 released

We are happy to announce that FactSage 7.2 has been released! This update will help you to get the information you want much faster! The major features are:

  • FactSage 7.2 includes an update of the calculation engine, leading to a significant speed increase in the Equilib and Phase Diagram modules.
  • The Phase Diagram module now allows for substantially more post-processing, including automatic labeling, automatic tie line generation, automatic generation of list of equilibria, addition of iso-therms after calculation, as well as various options for the new aqueous phase diagrams, such as thermodynamically sound Eh-pH diagrams.
  • The power of Reaction Table in the Equilib module has been enhanced, allowing for an even more flexible input of parameters.
  • The Spencer Group's SpMCBN database for hard metals and non-oxide ceramics has been significantly expanded: 180 phase diagrams have been added, increasing the number of systems to 633.
  • The most popular FACT database, FToxid, now also contains SrO.

Have a look at the detailed list of What's New in FactSage 7.2!