GTT welcomes a new agent in Canada!

GTT-Technologies is pleased to announce that M4Dynamics™ is a new agent for GTT and Thermfact.

M4Dynamics is a consulting and software development company based in Toronto, Canada, and specializes in thermodynamic simulations, chemical engineering, heat transfer, fluid flow, equation based modeling, multiphysics simulations, custom end-user application development, hosting of multiphysics applications and training.

M4Dynamics's president, Tanai Marin-Alvarado, is a Mining and Metallurgical Engineer who graduated from the University of Chile in Extractive Metallurgy in 2001. Later in 2006, he obtained his PhD in Material Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto. Tanai has more than 15 years of experience working in industrial research projects with Smelters from Chile, Canada and Germany. Since 2008 he worked at Vale Canada Ltd., becoming Sr. Research Metallurgist. During all of these years, he has accumulated significant experience developing thermochemical and multiphysics simulation applications using FactSage, SimuSage and COMSOL Multiphysic(R) in the field of Mining and Extractive Metallurgy, which resulted in the creation of M4Dynamics in 2015.