Visit us at Werkstoffwoche in Dresden and MS&T in Pittsburgh!

Werkstoffwoche: September 27-29 2017 in Dresden

GTT-Technologies will be active participant at Werkstoffwoche (Materials Week) in Dresden, from 27th to 29th of September! Visit us at our booth in the exhibition and come to the talk by Moritz to Baben "From ab initio to CalPhaD databases for new materials and processing solutions" (abstract) on Wednesday, 27th of September at 3 pm!

MS&T: October 8-12 2017 in Pittsburgh

GTT-Technologies will also be represented at the MS&T in Pittsburgh. Gunnar Eriksson of GTT-Technologies will receive the ASM J. Williard Gibbs Phase Equilibria Award and will give a review talk about more than 45 years of work on "Gibbs-energy Minimization in FactSage" (abstract).

Stephan Petersen and Moritz to Baben will give invited talks at the symposion "Phase Stability, Diffusion Kinetics, and Their Applications", in a special session honoring Gunnar Eriksson. The titles are "Application Examples of Thermochemical Process Simulation Using SimuSage" (abstract) and "Large-scale Comparison between ab Initio and CalPhaD Phase Stabilities" (abstract).

We will also present the FactSage Family of Products and Services at the exhibition. Visit us at booth 627!

Further talks from contributors to one or the other of the FactSage Family of Products include:

  • Arthur D. Pelton "Scheil-Gulliver Constituent Diagrams" (abstract)
  • Christopher W. Bale "FactSage and Phase Stability" (abstract)
  • Patrice Chartrand "A Thermodynamic Model for Carbonaceous Electrodes" (abstract)
  • Philip Spencer "Development of a Thermodynamic Database for Refractory Boride, Carbide, Nitride and Silicide Systems" (abstract)
  • Aimen E Gheribi "Optimization of Compositions and Physical Properties of Salt Systems for Latent Heat Storage in Thermal Solar Energy Applications" (abstract)
  • Evgenii Nekhoroshev "Thermodynamic Optimization of the Na2O-B2O3-SiO2 System" (abstract)
  • Zhanmin Cao "A Dynamic Model of the Peirce-Smith Converter Process for Copper Converting" (abstract)
  • Evgueni Jak "Integrated Experimental and Modelling Approach to the Thermodynamic Database Development for Multi-component Metallurgical and Recycling Systems" (abstract)
  • Pertti S. Koukkari "Constrained Gibbs Energy Models for Rate-controlled and Partitionless Phase Transformation Systems" (abstract)