GTT Annual Workshop 2016

These presentations from the workshop 2016 are available as PDF files:

Users' Meeting

The BiRec Project, coming soon (B. Friedrich) (abstract) (full presentation)
Industrial production of YBCO high temperature superconducting tapes (M. Falter) (abstract) (full presentation)
Thermodynamic dataset of electrode materials in lithium ion batteries (K. Chang) (abstract) (full presentation)
Thermodynamics of thin films (M. to Baben) (abstract) (full presentation)
Modeling of metastable phase formation diagrams for sputtered thin films (K. Chang) (abstract) (full presentation)
Experimental investigations of coal ashes for the VerSi Project (M. Dohrn) (abstract) (full presentation)
A database and a multi-stage SimuSage Model for the investigation of deposit formation in coal fired power plants (VerSi) (K. Hack) (abstract) (full presentation)
CFD Modelling of Power Station Boilers for the VerSi Project (B. Risio) (abstract) (full presentation)
The importance of thermodynamics for business intelligence tools (S. Arnout) (abstract) (full presentation)
Addition of Cerium and Cesium to a database for B2O3-FeOx-UOx-ZrO2 (T. Jantzen) (abstract) (full presentation)
Database development for the HotVeGas project, Part I (E. Yazhenzkikh) (abstract) (full presentation)
Modelling viscosity of molten oxides , HotVeGas Part II (G. Wu) (abstract) (full presentation)
The Practical Side of the Project WnM (J. Röthig) (abstract) (full presentation)
Phase Diagrams and Phase Distribution Diagrams for the WnM Project (M. to Baben) (abstract) (full presentation)
Experimental Phase Investigations for the WnM Project (K. Jahns) (abstract) (full presentation)
Calorimetry on pure substances and complex non-equilibrium Al-systems (R. Kemsies) (abstract) (full presentation)
Experimental investigations and modelling of phase transformations (ALLEE) (M. Afshar) (abstract) N/A
Data assessments for the ALLEE Project (M. Schick) (abstract) (full presentation)
Calorimetric investigations in multi-component salt systems (D. Sergeev) (abstract) (full presentation)
Simulation for burning process of magnesia clinker (T. Izumi) (abstract) N/A
Some Computational Studies on Steelmaking Processes by FactSage (B. Derin) (abstract) (full presentation)
Using FactSage to study the behavior of inorganic matter in thermal conversion of biomass (F. Defoort) (abstract) (full presentation)
Accelerating Thermochemical Equilibrium Calculations for Multiphysics Modelling Applications (J. Zietsman) (abstract) (full presentation)
The fluorine effect for the high temperature oxidation protection of Ti-based alloys: A thermodynamic approach (A. Donchev) (abstract) (full presentation)
Practical Applications of FactSage at VOEST Donawitz (A. Paul) (abstract) (full presentation)
A model for prediction of precipitate formation during steel making (S. Petersen) (abstract) (full presentation)
Various thermochemical aspects of the BOFdePhos project (K. Hack) (abstract) (full presentation)
A Python interface for ChemApp (J. Zietsman) (abstract) (full presentation)
ChemSheet application modelling (K. Pentillä) (abstract) (full presentation)
Scheil phase formation diagrams in FactSage 7.1 (M. to Baben) N/A (full presentation)