GTT Annual Workshop 2015

These presentations from the workshop 2015 are available as PDF files:

Users' Meeting

University Based Research Studies aided by Factsage (B. Derin) (abstract) (full presentation)
Investigation of oxide systems by aero-acoustic levitation (F. Greffrath) (abstract) (full presentation)
Investigation of deposit formation and its characterisation for a pulverised bituminous coal (S. Babat) (abstract) N/A
CFD-Simulation of natural gas combustion and its application to tunnel kiln firing (R. Obenaus-Emler) (abstract) (full presentation)
Recovering Solar Energy by a Thermochemical Cycle Process (B. Bulfin) (abstract) (full presentation)
Recovery of phosphorus from sewage sludge ash (S. Arnout) (abstract) (full presentation)
Thermodynamic Databases Development in the System U-Zr-Ce-Cs-Fe-B-C-I-O-H and Its Application to Simulating Phase Equilibria in Multicomponent Debris in Nuclear Accidents (M. Suzuki) (abstract) N/A
A Thermodynamic model for the Waelz Kiln (B. Reis) (abstract) (full presentation)
Value of thermodynamic equilibrium simulations in underground coal gasification and other coal conversion technologies (J.C. van Dyk) (abstract) (full presentation)
Database development for the HotVeGas project, Part I (E. Yashenzkikh) (abstract) (full presentation)
Database development for the HotVeGas project, Part II (T. Jantzen) (abstract) (full presentation)
Modelling viscosity of molten oxides (HotVeGas) (G. Wu) (abstract) (full presentation)
A study on slag viscosities in secondary steel making (W. Bielefeldt) (abstract) (full presentation)
Slag-induced corrosion of chromium oxide-free refractory materials under simulated gasification conditions: a multi-step modeling approach using FactSage (M. Reinmöller) (abstract) (full presentation)
Chlorine in Clinker (A. Pisch) (abstract) (full presentation)
Experimental investigations and data assessment for the system Na,K // Cl, NO3 (D. Sergeev) (abstract) (full presentation)
Applications of the constrained Gibbs energy method in modelling  thermal biomass conversion (P. Kangas) (abstract) (full presentation)
Thermochemical aspects of waste incineration (R. Warnecke) (abstract) (full presentation)
SimuSage based simulation of a coal fired boiler (T. Schreck) (abstract) (full presentation)
Development of a sulphide database for SGTE (T. Jantzen) (abstract) (full presentation)
Production of thick walled castings in duplex stainless steels using equilibrium phase calculations (S. Martinez de Puente) (abstract) (full presentation)
The role of Oxygen and Hydrogen in Steel Processing (M. Auinger) (abstract) (full presentation)
Study on energy-saving operation of electric furnace steel manufacturing (T. Izumi) (abstract) (full presentation)
Dynamic on-line monitoring and end-point control of dephosphorisation in the BOF converter process (M. Schlautmann) (abstract) (full presentation)
SimuSage Modelling for BOFdePhos, Part I (E. Jipnang) (abstract) (full presentation)
SimuSage Modelling for BOFdePhos, Part II (P. Monheim) (abstract) N/A
Present State of the BOFdePhos database (K. Hack) (abstract) (full presentation)