GTT Annual Workshop 2014

These presentations from the workshop 2014 are available as PDF files:

Users' Meeting

IDS – Solidification Analysis Package for Steels (S. Louhenkilpi) (abstract) (full presentation)
Computational Thermodynamics Coupled Macro-Microscale, Modelling of Industrial Castings (H. Sarriegi) (abstract) (full presentation)
Simulating mushy zone resolidification for multiphase and multicomponent alloys using ChemApp (A. Loeffler) (abstract) (full presentation)
Thermodynamic database development of the Al2O3 -CaO-SiO2-M2O (M=K, Na) systems (L. Zhang) (abstract) (full presentation)
Incorporation of MnOx as well as Sulphur into the HotVeGas Oxide database (T. Jantzen) (abstract) (full presentation)
Including SO3 into the HotVeGas Oxide database (E. Yazhenskikh) (abstract) (full presentation)
Combined modelling and experimental study on the alkali phosphates (K. Dönecke) (abstract) (full presentation)
Further progress in modelling slag viscosities on the basis of the HotVeGas Oxide database (G. Wu) (abstract) (full presentation)
The Allee project – Linking thermodynamics and diffusion with materials properties (V. Mohles) (abstract) (full presentation)
Applying Thermo 350M underground – a FactSage equilibrium study for underground coal gasification (J. Van Dyk) (abstract) (full presentation)
Development of a multizone melter-gasifier model in gPROMS with ChemApp multicomponent/multiphase equilibrium calculations (O. Almpanis-Lekkas) (abstract) (full presentation)
Selected fields of application for FactSage-Modelling in nonferrous metallurgy (D. Friedmann) (abstract) (full presentation)
Modelling of non-ferrous processes and the importance of the gas phase (S. Arnout) (abstract) (full presentation)
Understanding localised corrosion phenomena by using the synergies of thermodynamics and diffusion (M. Auinger) (abstract) (full presentation)
Modelling Internal Corrosion of High Temperature Alloys (U. Krupp) (abstract) (full presentation)
Constrained and generalized Free energy models using ChemSheet (R. Pajarre) (abstract) (full presentation)
Thermochemical modelling of a coal fired boiler (T. Schreck) (abstract) (full presentation)
Simulation Analysis for Clinker Manufacturing Process and Support of Resolving Production (T. Izumi) (abstract) (full presentation)
Thermodynamic Modelling and Experiments in Systems Evaluated in the WENDELIB priority program for Li-ons batteries (D. Cupid) (abstract) (full presentation)
Molten Salt Reactor fuel: experiments and assessments on metal fluoride phase diagrams (R. Konings) (abstract) (full presentation)
Odd data behaviour in the SGTE Solution database (M. Schick) (abstract) (full presentation)
Implementing SimuSage into the LAZARUS environment (S. Petersen, B. Reis) (abstract) (full presentation)
News about FactSage Version 7.0 (K. Hack) N/A (full presentation)