GTT Annual Workshop 2009

These presentations from the workshop 2009 are available as PDF files:

Phase Relations in Stainless Steel Slags (S. Arnout) (abstract) (full presentation)
Prediction of the volatile recirculation in cement rotary kilns by means of process simulation (R. Emler) (abstract) (full presentation)
STEAMAX – A novel approach for corrosion prediction, material selection and optimization of steam parameters for combustion of bio and waste derived fuels and fuel mixtures (S. Enestam) (abstract)  
Simulation of Wall Corrosion of High-Energy-Discharge Lamps (S. Fischer) (abstract) (full presentation)
Prediction of the precipitation kinetics in the recycled Aluminum Alloy with ClaNG model (Z. Liu) (abstract) (full presentation)
Solidification and melting - asymmetries and consequences (M. Rettenmayr) (abstract) (full presentation)
Measurement and Simulation of Surface Tension of Liquid Steels (M. Schick) (abstract) (full presentation)
ab initio Thermochemistry (R. Stoffel) (abstract) (full presentation)
The Use of Thermo-Equilibrium Simulation (FactSage) for Inorganic Mineral Matter Transformation in Gasification Value Addition to Coal and Gasification Research (J. van Dyk) (abstract) (full presentation)
Thermodynamic optimisation of the systems K2O-Al2O3-SiO2 and Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2 (E. Yazhenskikh) (abstract) (full presentation)
Integrating Thermochemistry into the Plant with Ex Mente ProcessSolution (J. Zietsman) (abstract) (full presentation)
Software for Calculating Viscosities of Molten Oxides (D. Saulov) (abstract) (full presentation)
A fully consistent approach for an associate solution model (D. Saulov) (abstract) (full presentation)
Presentation of the research-project 'HotVeGas' and coupling of ChemApp© with OpenFOAM® (K. Uebel) (abstract) (full presentation)