Data Services by GTT

The principle aim of our thermochemical data supply service is to satisfy our customers needs for consistent, carefully assessed data of known quality in an easily usable form.

GTT offers comprehensive data services to the customers by its extensive resources and partners associations in two forms:

The service is established on many years of practical experience in the field of technical thermochemistry, including supply of data to a large customer base.

The co-operation with FACT/CRCT, Montreal, has not only lead to the development of FactSage but also enables us to incorporate the extensive FACT database into our suite of data sources from which to generate customised datafiles.

Being members of SGTE permits us to offer the extensive databases of SGTE and to use them as sources on which to base the work on customised datafiles. Furthermore, we cooperate with The Spencer Group, another member of SGTE.

Have a look at the applications site that offers support for choosing the databases that fit your needs!

If you are only interested in phase diagrams without their Gibbs energy background then you should visit the consulting section of this website.