Shin Netsu Sokutei no Shinpo, 1 (1990), 39
Language: English

The Solution of Materials Problems Using the Thermochemical Databank System THERDAS

Hack K. Spencer P.J.

Lehrstuhl für Theoretische Hüttenkunde und Metallurgie der Kernbrennstoffe, RWTH, Aachen, BRD

Keywords: therdas chemsage carbides nitrides steel cvd pvd superconductors waste aluminum production



The advantages associated with the application of the integrated thermochemical databank (ITD) system THERDAS to the investigation of a number of problems encountered in the production, refining and heat-treatment of materials of different types are described. Up-to-date, critically evaluated data may be used in conjunction with specially-written application software to provide the user very rapidly with the information he requires to obtain a product of the required composition with minimum wastage of energy and materials. Examples of the application of THERDAS in the areas of alloy development, CVD production of ulta-pure silicon, investigations of phase equilibria in oxide superconductor systems, prediction of metastable phase ranges in complex coatings, processing of waste materials from the aluminium electrolytic furnace, etc. are presented.