ChemSage Modules

  • What Chemsage modules permit?
    • calculation of thermodynamic properties of single solution and stoichiometric condensed phases with respect to a chosen reference state
    • calculation of the chemical equilibrium state of a system that is defined with regard to temperature, pressure or volume, and total amounts and/or equilibrium activities of any phase constituent in the system
    • calculation of temperatures when precipitates are formed from the liquid, of adiabatic temperatures, etc.
    • simulation of a multi-stage reactor by defining energy and material flows between stages
    • optimisation of thermochemical data based on experimental information
    • results to be saved as plot-files, displayed and printed graphically, or exported to other applications.
    • The new version of ChemSage (V4) will add more major features to this list, including the automatic calculation of phase diagrams, new models and data from the field of geochemistry and geophysics, and the calculation of stoichiometric reactions.