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Issue 80 December 20, 2016

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Season's greetings from GTT-Technologies

All of us at GTT join in sending season's greetings with all good wishes for the new year!

We also would like to thank you for an inspiring and fruitful cooperation and are looking forward to a prosperous continuation in the coming year.

Masood Azizi, Moritz to Baben, Gunnar Eriksson, Liudmila Greven, Klaus Hack, Ursula Haese, Tatjana Jantzen, Wajahat M. Khan, Jürgen Korb, Ernst Münstermann, Stephan Petersen, Bruno Reis, Michael Schick

New GTT-Technologies web site is online

Our new website is online! We have updated the design of our website and also some of the contents. Visit and enjoy the new look while we're working on continuously updating the contents.

Current research projects

GTT is a partner in several longer terms projects on various topics:

All these projects are well underway and progress has been reported in some detail during our Users' Meeting in June. For details the interested reader is therefore referred to the appropriate entries on the GTT web page. The talks at the user meetings are excellent opportunities to see our more specialized software at work, e.g. ChemApp in HotVeGas, VerSi and Allee, SimuSage in VerSi and BOFdePhos and ChemSheet in HotVeGas! Several exciting new research projects are also just about to start, we're looking forward to telling you about them at a later date.

FactSage 7.1

We are in the stage of final testing of FactSage 7.1 which we plan to release in January 2017. Check out today What's New in FactSage 7.1 and see the changes to the modules and the databases!

Activities in Japan, November 2016

Both Klaus Hack and Stephan Petersen gave lectures again at Osaka University. On invitation from Prof. Toshihiro Tanaka from the Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science at the Graduate School of Engineering they introduced students and reseachers to computational thermochemistry and thermochemical process modelling.

Klaus Hack also attended the GTT/RCCM 2016 Users' Meeting in Tokyo and gave a presentation at Copper 2016, the 9th International Copper Conference in Kobe. Please find his abstract below.

Sulfide Database: The assessment of the system Ca-Cr-Cu-Fe-Mg-Mn-S
Klaus Hack1, Tatjana Jantzen1, Elena Yazhenskikh2, Michael Müller2

1 GTT-Technologies, Kaiserstraße 100, D-52134 Herzogenrath, Germany
2 Jülich Forschungszentrum GmbH, IEK-2, D-52425 Jülich, German

The Ca-Cr-Cu-Fe-Mg-Mn-S system has been thermodynamically assessed using all available experimental data. The thermodynamic description of the high-temperature phase Chromium and Iron Pyrrhotite is described using a multi-sublattice model which allows the description of the stability range of this phase in the binary Fe-S and Cr-S systems and also the solubility of such elements as Cu, Mg and Mn in the binary systems. Particular attention was given also to the phases Oldhamite and Digenite, which exhibit very wide solubility with respect to the metal elements.

Save the date: GTT-Technologies' 19th Annual Users' Meeting, Herzogenrath, Germany, June 28 - 30, 2017

The date of GTT-Technologies' 19th Annual Users' Meeting for 2017 has been fixed. We will meet again in Herzogenrath from June 28 - 30, 2017. Further details will be given in future newsletters.

GTT-Technologies' 18th Annual Users' Meeting - abstracts and presentations available online

Most abstracts and presentations of our 18th Annual Users' Meeting, which was held June 29 - July 1, 2016, are now available in the workshop section of our web site.

We would like to thank all speakers once again for their greatly appreciated contributions!

We would also like to thank all our guests for attending the workshop. We hope that you had a good time at the workshop, enjoyed the presentations, and made new scientific contacts.

Please keep in mind that GTT-Technologies' 19th Annual Workshop (June 28 - 30, 2017) will benefit from your input once again. Do not hesitate to let us know when you have another interesting contribution ready for next year.

News from the F*A*C*T Group, CRCT

Our partners at the CRCT have recently released their latest newsletter. For the latest news from the CRCT please consult the F*A*C*T News web pages.

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