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Training courses 2018

We are happy to announce the schedule for training courses in 2018! FactSage training courses are split up into two days: the first day is an introductory FactSage course and the second day is an advanced course showing how to use FactSage for a specific application (Pyrometallurgy, Solid State Transformations, FactOptimal and Macros, Database Development). All courses are open to all interested parties.

GTT welcomes a new agent in Canada!

GTT-Technologies is pleased to announce that M4Dynamics™ is a new agent for GTT and Thermfact.

M4Dynamics is a consulting and software development company based in Toronto, Canada, and specializes in thermodynamic simulations, chemical engineering, heat transfer, fluid flow, equation based modeling, multiphysics simulations, custom end-user application development, hosting of multiphysics applications and training.

GTT-Technologies Users' Meeting

19th Annual Users' Meeting - abstracts and presentations are now available online!
Our 19th Annual Users' Meeting was held end of on June. Guests from 11 different countries participated in discussions and networking, while excellent speakers made it possible to cover a wide area of applications of our software products. We thank both the participants and especially the speakers for making the Users' Meeting such a success!

Michael Auinger receives T.P. Hoar Award 2016

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Auinger from Warwick University! He has received the T.P. Hoar Award 2016 from the British Institute of Corrosion for his paper “Grain boundary oxidation in iron-based alloys, investigated by 18O enriched water vapour – The effect of mixed oxides in binary and ternary Fe–{Al, Cr, Mn, Si} systems” [1]. The T.P. Hoar Award recognizes the best paper published each year in Corrosion Science.