ChemApp - A programmable thermodynamic calculation interface

TitleChemApp - A programmable thermodynamic calculation interface
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsEriksson, G, Hack, K, S., P
JournalWerkstoffwoche '96, Symposium 8 Simulation, Modellierung, Informationssysteme, (1997), 47 ( ISBN 3-88355-236-4, published by DGM Informationsgesellschaft mbH, Hamburger Allee 26, D-60486 Frankfurt, Germany)
ISBN Number3-88355-236-4

ChemApp is derived from the renowned ChemSage family of thermochemical calculation programs, which are widely used in universities, corporate and government laboratories.

It offers new possibilities and perspectives for the use of thermochemical calculations across a wide spectrum of applications by providing an easily programmable interface to complex equilibrium calculation techniques.

ChemApp consists of a library of subroutines for data handling and phase equilibrium calculation purposes. It is available as an object code library for a variety of platforms and can be added as a module to virtually any existing or new software, major application areas are CFD (computational fluid dynamics) and process simulation programs.

ChemApp is described, and selected ongoing projects involving ChemApp are briefly introduced.